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"What an amazing combination of person and therapeutic technique. Jo is warm, caring, professional and

thorough in her approach." 

- Mark Underwood

Hello, I'm Jo. I'm an established Bowen Technique Practitioner and opened my first complementary health clinic in 2000.  I currently work in Malvern Worcestershire, UK, and my past has also seen me establish successful clinics in Harley Street, London and The Hale Clinic, London as well as teaching the Bowen Technique to the public and health professionals throughout the UK. 

Before I started on the road of complementary health, I was involved in theatre stage management, marketing and PR, and I was a gym instructor with the World Amateur Body Building Association, and invited by them to become a WABBA Assessor. I have studied law and have also taught reading and writing skills to adults with learning difficulties.

It was whilst I was studying law as university, that a back injury forced me to re-evaluate my life.  I dropped out of university, and started working on reception at a local sports centre, then as my back and health improved, in the gym too.  This led me to train as a gym instructor with the World Amateur Body Building Association. Wanting to diversify further, I declined WABBA's offer to become an assessor, and trained in reflexology and sports massage.  It was then after a car accident that flared up my previous back injury, that I trained to be a Bowen practitioner following its remarkably success in helping me recover from my injuries. By this point I had been head hunted to manage a fitness club, but decided to open my own therapy clinic enabling me to develop a more holistic approach to treating people.


I now treats clients with many different conditions from across the UK and continue to undertake related training both in the UK and overseas; including Cape Town University Medical School in South Africa.

"Jo is very clear and explains how many treatments she anticipates you'll need so you don't feel you're embarking on a never-ending journey." 

- Vicky Archer 

"Jo’s calm and professional manner has also helped me to come to terms with the severity of my injuries without in any way giving in to them." 

- Simon Rodway 

"I didn’t realise just how effective Bowen is until I went with a tennis elbow. After 2 treatments my elbow felt much better and after the third treatment the pain had completely gone and I had my strength and movement back in the joint. Jo is a friendly and professional practitioner and I am always recommending her to others." 

-  Karl Creamer

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